Entrepreneurship can be a challenge, but luckily, you have me!

If accepted as a client, you'll be able to pick my brain and get guidance/strategies regarding your business, marketing, Instagram, and whatever else you need! 

Investment: $3000  / 90 mins 


VIP Intensive Strategy Day!

Bullet-proof strategies for success!

Listen, launching coaching offers is challenging. But so is feeling trapped in a life or job that you know isn’t giving you the space and platform to share your God-given gifts with the world.

If you’ve been singlehandedly trying to do “all the things” to hit your business goals – create a marketing plan, put together sales funnels, craft a whole bunch of engaging and persuasive emails and social media posts, create attention-grabbing ads and more – please know there's a better way! And that “better way” starts with registering for my 2-day VIP Intensive, so you can finally get the support, guidance and proven strategies you need to turn your passion for coaching into a wealth-generating empire, all while keeping your peace of mind and sanity intact.

During our glorious 2 days together, you’ll gain access to the “been-there-done- that” strategies, step-by-step frameworks and blueprints, guidance and accountability necessary to take you from where you are today to where you’ve been dreaming about landing. Translation: You’ll indulge in 2 full days of mental clarity, next-level business strategies and attention-grabbing digital marketing planning. And you’ll do it all in a
a luxurious location of your choice (I’ll fly you anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico) that ignites your creativity and leaves you with a ready-to-execute, profitable business blueprint that attracts the coaching clients YOU want to serve.

PLUS, I’ve uniquely designed every template, strategy, framework and blueprint to grow with your business, leaving you to easily modify them for new future marketing campaigns and business plans without having to invest in another program.

Look, if you’ve been swimming in confusion, Googling business strategies like crazy and you’re ready to run a coaching business that pulls in clients you’ll love, then I’m challenging you to invest in yourself so you can get everything you’re ready for. Believe me when I say clients are already waiting to work with you. And after this 2-day VIP Intensive, you’ll have the six-figure business model, digital marketing and sales strategies and content creation methods you need to get in front of them.

So, say goodbye to wasting time (and money) on random here-and-there, “one- piece-of-the-puzzle” courses, and say HELLO to a single investment that sets you up for a future filled with financial freedom, profit-inducing business processes and stress-free entrepreneurship.

Investment: $7,000 - $15,000 USD /  1-3 In-Person VIP Days + 3 months of follow-up coaching