Who I Am

Hey girl, Hey!! I'm Isis, The Digital Sales Guru! I launched my 'side-hustle' in 2019, but after earning $10,370 within my first 27 days (insane, right?! Glory to God!), that side job quickly became my ticket to financial freedom! Although I loved my job, I was grateful to be able to transition from being a tired kindergarten teacher to a RETIRED 6-figure entrepreneur in less than 8 months! Now, I help others use their social media platforms to do the same!

What I Do

 I help side-hustlers and aspiring entrepreneurs — even those with a tiny audience, full-time job, or uncertainty of what their brand is — turn their passions and purposes into paychecks! Joy is much more important than money… but who says you can’t have both?! I’ll teach you how to grow an audience that converts to loyal customers, define your unique brand, create digital products that sell and implement social media branding, marketing, and monetization techniques!

Why I Do It

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life! I exhausted myself with 16 hour shifts at Top Golf, I stressed myself to near mental breakdown while trading forex, and burned myself out as a kindergarten teacher! Even though I loved teaching, I was TIRED, sis — until God revealed to me my purpose of liberating others! When I started selling lightroom presets, I realized I could quickly earn money doing what made me happy!! I want the same for you! I believe there’s a way for you to impact the lives of others, walk in your purpose, and secure your bag all at once!

How I Do It

Here’s what most of these “social media entrepreneurs” and “coaches” won’t tell you… THIS LIFE IS HARD! Learning how to build your brand, scale your business, and earn a CONSISTENT, LIVEABLE monthly wage takes practice (and wine, sis). That’s why I Like to save you the hurdles, and teach you how to win using my three step Monetization Process!



We work together to thoroughly define your ideal audience’s needs and aspirations, so we can clearly convey your brand story and offer! If you don’t have a brand, no worries! I’ll help you discover those talents, passions, purposes, and skills you’ve tucked away so you can monetize your mind!


This might actually be my favorite part of my social media monetization process! Building you brand is SO MUCH FUN — if you have the right social media coach! I’ll show you my trademarked, proven methods and hacks to getting REAL followers that convert to REAL customers!


TIME TO MAKE THAT MONEY, HONEY! Seriously! My monetization methods are bullet-proof and have yet to fail (seriously)! My previous clients and customers will tell you: my marketing,sales, and social media strategies are TOP NOTCH! With your passion, our God, and my expertise, you’ll be securing the bag in no time!

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