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How to grow on the 'gram!

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Instagram is a fantastic platform, absolutely revolutionary for go-getters looking to develop and keep in-touch with a dedicated following. It’s one of the biggest spots on the internet right now, and sis, you don’t need to take my word for it: the numbers speak for themselves! So it’s big, very big, but that’s just the rub, ain’t it? Encouraging growth within that following can be a difficult, seemingly impossible task with all the competition after that same slice of follower-pie. Thankfully, there are a handful of near-foolproof ways to pull in followers without resorting to anything drastic. Girl, it might be hard to believe, but you can absolutely grow an Instagram following AND keep your dignity intact. Here’s how:


Post Often

High-quality content will get you far, but not if your followers have got to wait weeks between posts! While poor content will obviously scare folks away (blurry bathroom selfies are a no-no!), striking the balance between quality and quantity is essential for keeping followers engaged. That means striving for daily posts of a consistent quality. It might be hard work, but sis, that’s what it’s all about! Your followers will be sure to respond to your effort with solid engagement and exceptional growth.



Everyone loves a team player! When it comes to encouraging growth on a platform like Instagram, working with likeminded brands or individuals can see your following explode like a beautiful social media firework! In addition to the benefits of being introduced to an all-new following (and vice-versa for your partner), the shake-up of content that comes from a partnership or sponsorship will grab the attention of your existing followers and send your engagement shooting into the sky!


Use Hashtags Wisely

“Hashtag”. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the unofficial word of the decade. In terms of enabling growth on platforms like Instagram, clever use of hashtags will be the difference between attracting legions of loyal followers and finding yourself enacting the online equivalent of shouting at a brick wall. I’ve seen it, and girl, there’s no sadder sight.


Using popular hashtags is one thing, but the key, when tagging your own posts, is to use hashtags that are both popular AND relevant to your specific audience. By using tags that are directly applicable to your followers’ demographic, you’ll encourage long-term growth, not just the short spikes of popularity that come with generic hashtags.


Take it Live!

Finally, using live video streams is a top way to interrupt the pattern of traditional posts and offer your followers something a little different—exciting even! Whether you’re hosting a Q&A session, stopping by for a chat with followers, giving your audience a unique look ‘behind the curtain’ or just providing a quick update, live streams are invaluable at providing value to followers and encouraging growth.


Wrapping Up

With a platform as vast and full-of-opportunities as Instagram, there are more ways to attract followers than any one account can possibly put into effect. (Or at least, put into effect well!) The methods I’ve outlined are tried, true and will resonate with a massive range of potential audiences, but don’t be afraid to take risks, particularly if you’re looking to attract a niche group of followers. Be bold and get wild with it!


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