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How to Invest in Yourself for Under $20

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What's the most valuable asset in your life? Is it your car? Your house? Your fluffy little pets? Nope, nope and—sadly—nope. The most valuable asset in your life, girl, is YOU! If you can't keep yourself in tip-top shape—physically, mentally, and spiritually—then there's no hope for any long-term success in your future!

Don't worry too much, though: I know "investment" can be a daunting word that comes loaded with risk and thousands (if not millions) of dollars being thrown around, but when it comes to investing in yourself, the cost of entry is reassuringly low. Got $10 or $20 lying around? Sure ya do! Well, just for a couple of days, don't spend it on fast-food, shopping on amazon or buy fancy scented candles you really don't need (even if they're on sale: they're always on sale somewhere! lol). Instead, try channeling those funds towards self-improvement efforts. Where to start? Self-help books.


Listening to the Wisdom of Age

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You hear it all the time, "I wish I'd listened to my parents." Hell, it's so typical the phrase is practically a cliche! Is it any mystery why, though? Not really: older folks have years of knowledge and experience under their belts, and us younger folks are too stubborn and/or naive to listen to said knowledge until we're older, at which point it's probably too late! lol


So, if almost every older member of society has useful knowledge to impart upon their juniors, what about the older members of society who ALSO have unique expertise and experience? Well… they must be figurative fire hoses of knowledge; girl, anyone who ignores their advice would be a downright fool! 


See where I'm going with this?  


The Power of the Written Word

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The best self-help books are abundant packages of wisdom resulting from a lifetime's experience in forging a successful and happy life. As an entrepreneur, ignoring the advice laid out in self-help books is the grown-up equivalent of ignoring a parent's advice to look both ways before you cross the street. Pretty dumb, right? You owe it to yourself and your future to listen to the ones who came before you. The world may change, but people don't; even self-help books published almost a hundred years ago contain invaluable advice for succeeding in today's world. Just look at Think and Grow Rich hit the market in 1937 and is still one of the most influential books I've read!


Take it Online

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I mentioned how the world changes, and it's true. These days, many of the best life-lessons aren't published on paper (much to the trees' benefit); instead, online courses are where today's life gurus teach their pupils. Websites like Masterclass and youtube are superb ways to spend a little cash and learn practical skills in return. Online courses may not try to shake up your whole life philosophy, but sis, who's got the energy for that every single day? Sometimes, learning a new skill is good enough. For that, online courses are unbeatable!

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So, are you ready to invest in yourself? There's a world of wisdom waiting for you, and for a few bucks, it can be all yours!


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