Keepin' God at the Forefront of Your Biz

Oct 13, 2020


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If you know me, you know that I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ, The Bible, and all of its core teachings. Empathy, forgiveness, generosity, understanding, and relationship—they're all traits I strive to carry throughout each day. That's why I'm honestly baffled when people compare the business world and the spiritual world to oil and water; they think the two don't mix! They DEFINITELY go together like two peas in a pod, and I'm living proof of it!


It's incredibly important to me that our businesses and relationship with God coexist! There have been opportunities to sacrifice my religious convictions in the name of profit, but I've resisted the urge and now find myself a stronger woman and more successful entrepreneur for it!


How have I managed and maintained my business with God at its core? With a few simple personal guidelines… 


Consult God When Decision-Making

God's there to provide guidance and keep us on the righteous path! In business, where the primary aim for most is to make profit, it can be tough to keep sight of righteousness among the plentiful and oh-so tempting (figurative) piles of cash!

Money is enticing—it can buy a TONS of nice things lol—but for some, earning it means that someone else has to suffer. I refuse to let that happen in my business or yours! By consulting God and reflecting on every decision before making it, we can make money without making victims. Sure, it might mean that we miss out on a paycheck or two, but if it helps make the world a better place, skipping a few bucks is fine by me!


Pray Each Morning (and all day long hahah)

Gotta love a good morning routine!!! There's a perfect morning routine out there for every type of person! Some people wake up with a cigarette and a cup of coffee (I watch too many 1950's films lol); others prefer yoga and a cup of green tea. Me? Well, I make sure to carve out a time for prayer each and every morning! It helps keep me calm, focused, and—most of all—in touch with God. Girl, these days I can't imagine starting my morning any other way!


Keep Business Values Aligned With the Bible's Ethical Principles

 Let's be real here sis; the Bible doesn't ask much of us! Basically, if we're 'good', loving,  and honest, we're already most of the way towards following its most essential teachings. In business, however, following those teachings can be a little more challenging. The Bible instructs us to resist greed, avoid deception, and to refrain from exploiting others. The truth is, many businesses rely on exploitation and deception to continue operating and generating revenue. That doesn't mean we have to. We can build and run our businesses with honesty and integrity. There may not be quite as much money in it as we hope, but it's clean—right to the last cent! *p.s. I'm not saying you won't earn money!! There's actually lots of money in working in your purpose!


Treating Customers and Clients Like Brothers and Sisters

We're all God's children, and in that sense, when we do business with a stranger, we're doing business with a brother or sister! What does that mean when it comes to keeping God at the forefront of our businesses? It means that we must treat them with the same kindness, respect and patience as someone we've known since childhood. When I meet with clients, it doesn't matter who they are; I see them as a brother or sister in need. I intend to help them as such, and suggest you do the same!


How does your relationship with God affect your business? How has it helped you succeed? Let me know: I'd love to hear from you!

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