Make That Money, Honey! 9 Best Money-Makin' Apps!

apps finances money Sep 19, 2020
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Money... I need it, you need it, and we're all hunting for it. There's certainly no such thing as too much money (as long as you're generous and God-lead with it), and thanks to the wealth of money-making apps out there, we can all earn a little extra cash for our all-too light back pockets. Money making apps really are the best; never heard of 'em? Oh let me tell you, sis, making money is easier than ever when you've got a smartphone, a pair of thumbs, and a few spare minutes! Here are some of the best money making apps available on smartphones right now.



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"$8.98 Please"—sound familiar? Many of our daily purchases—big and small—are just a few cents off nice, rounded numbers. Acorn is a great little app that automatically rounds your every purchase up to the nearest whole number and invests the difference for you. Sure, it sounds insignificant: "is a few cents worth the investment?", you may ask. Yes! Those few cents every day can definitely make you a fair chunk of change over time! Probably not retirement money—I won't lie to you —but a nice number nonetheless!


Rakuten Rewards (Formerly Ebates)

It may have been bought-out way back in 2014, but Rakuten Rewards (once known as Ebates) is still one of the game's top cashback platforms! By using affiliate links, Rakuten Rewards shares a portion of the money it receives from retailers with you! Not bad, huh sis? Plus, with coupons and discount codes, you stand to save even more money with Rakuten!



Want to earn rewards in-store before you've ever spent any cash? Shopkick is the money-making app for you! By engaging with Shopkick's partnered retailers—visiting the store, scanning selected products with your phone, scanning your post-purchase receipt etc.—you'll earn rewards points (call 'em 'kicks') that can be used to buy gift cards!



Another cashback service worth paying attention to: Ibotta. By closely partnering with physical and online retailers, Ibotta offers instant cashback to shoppers that make purchases, scan their receipts, and complete daily tasks (polls, for example). Make no mistake sis, it's not changing the cashback industry, but Ibotta is a reliable service that offers instant rewards!



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Make money for taking photos? Yes, please! By uploading pictures based on Foap's clients' specifications, you can—potentially—earn yourself hundreds of dollars. Of course, skilled photographers stand to make more, but nothing is stopping even beginner snappers from earning a little money on the side!


Google Opinion Rewards

Girl, if you need an introduction to Google, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. Like with many services, the great tech Goliath offers their online money-making service too. Answer polls, share basic information about yourself, and receive Play Store currency in return! Simple, quick and a good way to earn (a little) extra cash.



Liking the idea of Google Opinion Rewards but don't care about Play Store Currency? I don't blame you; iPoll is exactly what you're looking for. Like with Google's rewards service, iPoll will have you answering polls, but you'll receive cash and gift cards (of your choosing) instead of Play Store currency. That's more like it!



Imagine your phone's lock screen as a miniature version of those blank billboards with "advertise here" notices on them. With me? Great, now imagine Slidejoy as the company that fills your blank billboard (the lock screen) with relevant advertising, sharing a little portion of cash with you in the process!



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Undoubtedly the healthiest money making app on the market. Sweatcoin uses your phone's built-in pedometer and rewards you based on the steps you take! It's an initiative focused, mainly, on public health. What's the downside here? Sis, you can get your steps in and make money in the process!

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