A short Guide to Productivity!

Oct 13, 2020
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 Well, girl, you've just stumbled across the greatest question of our modern world: "how do I get it all done on time?!" Want the good news? You're far from alone; I'm also among the millions (maybe billions? lol) who struggle with both a severe shortage of time and a serious abundance of things to spend it on. I swear the hours must have their running shoes on because they seem to escape us all at every opportunity!! Clients, meetings, deadlines, friends, family, and more. They're all fighting for our undivided attention, which—obviously—we can't give them! haha! 

We can, however, maximize our day: here's a few ways of how you can!


Chop Up Your Day

Put away the fire axe, sis—I didn't mean LITERALLY chop up your calendar or anything. Instead, I'm talking about pre-planning your day around discrete 'chunks' of time: 30 minutes, an hour or whatever works for you. Trust me, when I learned to respect each hour as its own window of opportunity, I found that they became a million times more productive! Suddenly I was able to keep minor issues from melting across the hours and taking up crazy amounts of time! Click up, a project-management app, has been great for helping me effectively track my time, plan my projects, manage my team, and so much more! Give it a try!


Carve Out Some Reflection Time

You might think that boosting productivity by spending time actively not working sounds a little... backwards—nonsensical even. But, with all the respect in the world, girl, that's where you're WRONG! haha!


The clarity of mind and sense of serenity that comes from pure, untainted reflection time is powerful! It follows you throughout the day, helping you focus and make clear-headed decisions. It doesn't matter how you get it—for me it's prayer, but for you it could be meditation—what matters is that you find a place for some mental 'me-time' each day. Trust me, your productivity will thank you for it!


Enlist a Helping Hand

You know what I find sad? Truly, it makes me sad: some so many people are too proud, scared, or stubborn to request others' assistance! Believe me; no human achievement occurred 100% solo! Even the greatest minds benefitted from friends' support, and there's no reason you can't too. Having someone willing to provide a boost of expertise can help your days flow as productively as possible! And if, like me, you've got a dozen different plates to spin every day, there's even more reason to call in a little help when you need it most.


Get Some ZZZs

There are two types of people in this world: people who openly suffer without their solid six to eight hours and people who lie and say they're fine with only 3 hours of sleep. lol There's no getting around it. Without adequate sleep you won't be productive. One poor night—maybe two—you can get away with, especially with the help of caffeine, but sooner or later, sleep deprivation catches up with you. Want to stay one step ahead and make every moment of your working day count? Get your head on that pillow! If you can find an 'early night, early morning' schedule that works for you, even better!


How do you keep your productivity levels up when time's short, and the pressure's on? Do let me know!

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