Oct 13, 2020
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Have you ever spent less than 25 minutes trying to decide what to watch?! I know I haven't! The sheer number of choices is staggering, almost too much if you ask me. 

It's not just Netflix, though! Life is stuffed full of choices! For us sharp-eyed creatives, every day brings a new and potentially life-changing opportunity: new contacts, new industries, new products, and innovations! 

I know you've felt the temptation to pursue whatever hot new thing comes waltzing through the door! I know, because I've felt it too! But, it's crucial to stay confident in your product, and most of all, consistent. Choices are everywhere, but you'll never get anywhere unless you have confidence in your business and STICK WITH IT! Don't jump ship just as you've climbed aboard; give your business time to reach its destination!


"But that new idea sounds so much better than my original one!"


Of course, it does! Everything sounds better when it's nestled within the protection of the theoretical! Let's say your current line of… I don't know, fashionable socks—has presented a few holes (pun intended) at this point: Maybe you're having trouble making daily sales or people don't love them yet! THIS IS NATURAL and doesn't mean that the idea isn't golden! Even the best, billion-dollar ideas face their share of logistical issues, competition, and interruptions!


If somebody sees your fabulous sock empire to-be and counters it with—what they claim—is a far more lucrative line of fashionable gloves, don't let yourself be swayed to switch your products! Have faith in your idea, and give it time to bear fruit! 


"Okay. So what you're saying is never ever change your mind. Ever."

Nah, sis. Now that's taking things a little bit too far! If one idea has borne fruit, if you're making a decent chunk of change from it, then by all means, branch out and pursue additional business ideas. 


"So how to I know when it's time to give up on an idea?!"

Well, the only thing more harmful than indecision in business is a failure to recognize when things just aren't working! If those socks just aren't working out, and if you've given the idea plenty of time and effort, then there's no shame in letting the idea rest!


No matter what idea you're working on, the important thing is that you give it your full attention. By juggling two or more ideas at a time, you'll be setting yourself up for failure. I don't want that; you don't want that, but it'll be near-unavoidable. So, remember sis: socks or gloves… never both. (But, socks THEN gloves! That's a good plan! *winks*)

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