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Yikes! Your brand still isn't making money? Here's Why!

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I see you, boo! You got the ideas, the products, and you're pouring in buckets of hard work! By all accounts, the customers and cash should be flowing in like nobody’s business! What if they aren’t though? Well, I hate to say it, but this one might be on you. There are a handful of often overlooked factors that hold brands back from making money. Here are some of the top ones.


No VALUABLE Social Media Presence

(Entertaining doesn't always mean valuable!)

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Social media is where all the moving and shaking happens these days. As far as many sections of the market are concerned, if you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all! And a social media presence doesn't mean making a Twitter account plus an Instagram profile and calling it a day. Oh no: you’ve got to put the work in, girl! Uploading content, interacting with customers—it’s called a social media “presence”, not a social media “existence”!


You’re Not Directing Traffic to Your Website

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 “My brand’s a hit on social media!” Okay -- that may be true, but do your followers know where, when, and how to buy your brilliant products?! By failing to constantly point potential customers in the direction of your website (and its all-important “buy now” button), you’re shooting the rest of your marketing efforts in the foot! All that potential, all that traffic, thrown away by not directing it where it deserves to go.


You’re Not Retargeting Website Traffic to Land Customers

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Fact time! Most online customers don’t make their first purchase on their first visit to a website. They’ll find the website, stumble across the product that makes their eyes ‘light up’ and then get distracted by the million-and-one other things that fight for their attention online (we’ve all been there). It’s only later that they’re lured back in by a well-timed retargeting advert and convinced to complete their first purchase. What’s your retargeting strategy? Haven’t got one? Well, sis, there’s your issue! A retargeting strategy is near-essential for securing those first-time buyers and making money.


You Don’t Have an Email List

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As a result of social media, people assume that email—especially email marketing—is a dying artform. Not so! Email marketing is equally as—and in some cases more—effective than social media. Building up a list of email addresses and engaging with them directly can massively boost the engagement your website receives. When combined with a strong website and a compelling retargeting strategy, well-written marketing emails are like magnets for potential customers. Don’t overlook emails, sis: you’ll regret it!


Not Using Hashtags or DMs to Reach Customers

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Hashtags are the language of social media; by neglecting them, your social media efforts are, largely, going to fall upon deaf ears. And, of course, less social media engagement means—yep—less money for you!

Additionally, using the direct messaging (DM) feature of social media platforms is one method many brands use to directly engage with their customers. This sense of personal attachment will work wonders for building customers’ brand loyalty. And that, more than almost anything, is what you REALLY want! Don’t be afraid to use social media to its absolute fullest, sis! Hashtags exist to be used, and brands aren’t banned from using DMs!


Got all that? Making the most of these tips will surely see your brand bring in the big bucks! It’s tough staying competitive in this modern online space, but by being smart and using all the tools available, you can come out on top.


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