" I waited all week for this e-book to drop! I love your stories and I KNEW it was going to be worth the buy. I love how it is organized and how the tips you give us are actually detailed and not just one word. Im in the process of upgrading my IG and this is PERFECT! Thank you for creating this! I’m going to practice now. "Read more
Deidra Moore
Stories That Sell eBook
"This book is a gamechanger!! So chock full of tips and tricks to take your IG stories from blah to bomb. I love how easy to follow it is but the real gems are the embedded vids! You really outdid yourself with this bible of IG stories. "
Nasha Smith
Stories That Sell eBook
"OMG! Girl I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this book at first but YESSS! I am totally in LOVE with it and PER USUAL.... you are always soo thorough. This is my second purchase with you and you’ve never ceased to amaze me! Thanks for all the amazing tips I can use as I begin my new business! "
Jasmine Thomas
Stories That Sell eBook
"Isis was truly phenomenal! One of my biggest take-aways from working with her was this: It's more than just sharing content! It's important to authentically reach and write to my audience! I learned how to identify my ideal customer and their pain points! Thank you!"
Kierstyn Johnson
1-on-1 Coaching
"This was honestly so helpful!  All of the information will definitely help with not only my personal page but also for future business that I have in mind.  It was well explained and easy to grasp each concept which I love.  Thank you for taking the time out to create this."
Leah Deré
Stories That Sell Ebook
"Isis helped me to stop being so stuck in my head and tart being consistent! I definitely needed this coaching session! It gave me a clear direction! I've invested in other things and coaches and still left not know what to do. But with Isis,  I had a very clear plan of action! Thank you!"
Sebani Rusamira
1-on-1 Coaching
"Isis helped me a lot with my vision! She helped me organize my thoughts and have a idea of where to start! She is amazing and instagram down to a science! I’m so excited to use the tools she provided to that I can grow my business!"
Britny Barnes
1-on-1 Coaching
"I recently purchased your New eBook! I've already read through it and I can't wait to level up my IG Stories! Your eBook will help boost engagements for my business as well as my personal account. "
Nkechi Nwagbara
Stories That Sell eBook
"Girrrrrrllllll, I just want to start by saying you are the best! This information was really helpful and an absolute gamechanger! All of this information is going to be great help for my personal page and my future business plan that Ive been wanting to start. I absolutely love how easy it was to grasp and follow and just the little details that you showed in the mini tutorials. I really didn’t know when it comes to IG stores and Vids.  Thanks girl for this ebook it was BOMB!!! "Read more
Camelia LaRiss
Stories That Sell eBook
"Font size & pictures....Love it. I saw 41 pages and was like whoa for ig stories?! 😂But it's a quick read! The videos were obviously the best part. "Some learn by reading, others by seeing..." I'm a see & repeat kind of girl. A big take away (for me) was saving your posts/stories to later post entire mini project when ready for viewing at once. I'm always in a rush but that makes sense! I honestly would not have taken the time to fund out which apps works so I definitely appreciate the list! loved it all. Thanks!"Read more
Courtney Janae
Stories That Sell eBook
"Great and helpful ebook! Love love love the addition of video trainings. This will definitely come in handy for me!"
Keyiara Ridyolph
Stories That Sell eBook
"Isis ! Girl , firstly THANK YOU. This ebook has been my best investment this whole month . Filled with so many skills and gems ! I cannot wait to see my growth by applying what I learned from this book . Seriously , THE BEST!!"
Chelsea Sewer
Stories That Sell eBook
"Soooo, I just purchased your ebook and let me tell you..... THANK YOU!!! I mean... you gave us everything!! Looking through this book just gave me A LOT to work on while in quarantine!! This is dope!!"
Chanda Manning
Stories That Sell eBook
"The ebook was great , I didn’t know if I really needed it because I do use story apps already but your ebook was great bc it taught me how to really make my stories come to life!!! "
LaKayla Kilgore
Stories That Sell eBook


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